Sustainable agricultural or forestry production involves the ongoing ability to produce crop without degrading the environment physically or damaging it using harmful inputs. Improving yield, whilst utilizing lower resources, is a key factor in sustainable production. Classic breeding for yield enhancement has reached a point of diminishing returns in many domesticated species. At FuturaGene, we are developing technologies that enhance plant yield of the best available germplasm during the growth and post-harvest processing stage in order to maintain sustainable production models. With our yield enhancing technologies, we constantly strive to lower the footprint of plantation forests and industrial farms, thus reducing the pressure for destruction of natural forests and habitats.

Forests have been described as "the lungs of the world". With our yield protection technologies, we work constantly to maintain the health of these lungs.

Our aim is to create sustainable plantations and practices, with crops that have yield, processability and protection "built-in" and thus need lower intervention to produce more.

To us, Sustainability is enhancing Productivity whilst Preserving today’s Resources for Tomorrow.

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