FuturaGene Position Papers

Global renewal, based on low-carbon pathways for growth with the resilience to mitigate and adapt to future environmental shocks and stresses will require in particular:

  • Cooperation through: Global partnerships to streamline and accelerate scientific and technical innovation and throughput;
  • Coordination through: National and international policy frameworks that enhance governance, harmonize regulatory systems and build institutional capacity to enable long term flow of investments and technologies.

Cohesion between scientific advances and policy formulation is needed to ensure that investments in sustainable technologies are favoured, thus enabling an uncoupling of economic growth from environmental degradation. Within this context, sustainable intensification of plantation forestry is viewed by many as a necessary strategy to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, to meet renewable energy targets and to provide for rural development.

Sharing of knowledge and best practice is needed at all levels to define the most appropriate ways in which to harness the wealth of knowledge, skills and technology presently available to balance human demand for energy and fibre with the regenerative capacity of the planet. An enhanced global dialogue on the technical solutions for the major challenges humanity faces and the implementation of policies that will support clean technologies will enable a timely transition towards ecological, social and economic renewal.

The development and deployment of innovative technologies such as GM trees is a precise and versatile means to intensify the sustainability of plantation productivity. GM technology also opens up opportunities to provide protection against future pest and disease outbreaks in an economically relevant and environmentally responsible manner that would not be possible through conventional breeding approaches.

In this section, we present commentary on key scientific and policy developments relevant to the development and deployment of GM technologies as they unfold through position papers and publications.