FuturaGene Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to be a global leader in development and delivery of sustainable genetic solutions for global forestry, biopower, biofuels, and agricultural markets.

Our strategy is to be the "Partner of Choice" for deployment of technologies into the sectors in which we are focused. This strategy is driven by our proven skill in taking traits from discovery to elite event selection, superior germplasm and market channels built on a captive market in Brazil and our existing partnership base across the southern sub-tropical crescent from Brazil, though Southern-Africa, South-East Asia and into southern China. To support this concept, we have developed gene transformation know-how for our strategic crops, local greenhouse and field trial facilities and in-house regulatory capability.

As your "Partner of Choice" we are:

Rapid with respect to decision making, transformation, and critical analysis of regulatory requirements;

Broader in our market and crop reach;

Assured to monetize your technology with captive offtake base load and long term customer partnerships.

In addition to partnering with technology suppliers, FuturaGene also partners with leading forestry, biopower and biofuel companies. FuturaGene is able to supply these partners with a full range of services including transformation of partner germplasm, germplasm, field trial services and regulatory functions.

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