Gene Discovery Platform and Outreach

FuturaGene’s discovery program includes in-house programs as well as extensive outreach programs to academia and corporate sources of interesting gene assets. Our discovery focus lies yield and processability enhancement, yield protection (biotic and abiotic stress) and enabling technologies.

Our groundbreaking discoveries in the protein modulation of cell wall biosynthesis, have served as a jumping-off point for continued discovery in this rapidly evolving field, which is central to biomass and second generation bioethanol production.  We have consolidated our expertise in cell wall with new discoveries on hemicellulose modulation for enhanced processability of woody biomass.

Our activities in yield protection are aimed at plants threatened by biotic and abiotic stresses. These activities are driven by the understanding that climate change, diminishing resources and degradation of arable land impose serious threats on the security of agricultural productivity. Useful plants will need to be adapted to grow on marginal lands and to deal with new threats from disease and pests.

Our discovery capability is backed by the capability to apply our discoveries in plant species of major economic and environmental importance, with our leading traits already in late-stage commercial field trials. In addition to sourcing new gene traits, we constantly source germplasm with unique attributes and agronomic properties, which can be adapted for economic utilization.

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